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Target Rifles

.22lr WW Greener Birmingham Miniature Club Rifle (Take Down)



.22lr WW Greener Birmingham Miniature Club Rifle (Take Down). Vintage underlever rifle with good internal/external barrel, Wood stock showing signs of use and some signs of wear to the metal. Rear flip-up sight marked to one side "WW Greener"  fitted in a somewhat rudimentary manner with patent numbers stamped  to the other side. Despite the honest description, this rifle has tons of character and would make a worthy addition for the collector.   The left side of the action has the take down lever and the name "WW Greener Maker Birmingham". The top of the barrel is marked "WW Greener Birmingham Miniature Club Rifle Ammunition 22".  There is a label stuck to the right side of the butt which says "SMRC MEETING" "DATELINE" Classic (pre 1919).. Open (pre 1945).. Extended period.All three boxes have been highlighted.  £250.