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The Fulton Family

The Fulton Family

Robin Fulton

The firm was originally started by Mr. G. E. Fulton in about the year 1895. Business was conducted for a short while in Wandsworth and later Staines where there was a large range at the time. The N.R.A. had moved its H.Q. to Bisley Camp in 1890, and Staines was conveniently placed in relation to the ranges there and at Bisley.

In 1905 a move was made to Bisley Camp, and the business was established in its present premises, Mr. A. G. Fulton joining his father as a member of the firm and remaining until the out break of war in 1914.

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Development of Target Rifles

Brief History On Development Of Target Rifles

For many years' from 1920 until the advent of the P'14 rifle in 1935, the S.M.L.E. was the only weapon permitted for the S.R. shooting under the N.R.A. Rules, and in the early days of that rifle's history the continuance of rifle shooting as a competitive sport undoubtedly hung in the balance.

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