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Brief History On Development Of Target Rifles

For many years' from 1920 until the advent of the P'14 rifle in 1935, the S.M.L.E. was the only weapon permitted for the S.R. shooting under the N.R.A. Rules, and in the early days of that rifle's history the continuance of rifle shooting as a competitive sport undoubtedly hung in the balance.

It was at this time that the pioneering work done by Mr. A. G. Fulton at Woolwich and in his spare time on privately-owned rifles which resulted in the process known as "packing" did a great deal to bring about some sort of "leveling-up" of the standard of shooting obtained from these otherwise extremely inaccurate weapons. By careful controlling the barrel vibrations, and skillfully adjusting the "packing" material so as to stiffen the otherwise weak barrel and action without restricting the expansion of the former, an extremely high degree of accuracy was obtained which enabled the size of the bullseye at all ranges to be reduced twice during this period.