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The Fulton Family

Robin Fulton

The firm was originally started by Mr. G. E. Fulton in about the year 1895. Business was conducted for a short while in Wandsworth and later Staines where there was a large range at the time. The N.R.A. had moved its H.Q. to Bisley Camp in 1890, and Staines was conveniently placed in relation to the ranges there and at Bisley.

In 1905 a move was made to Bisley Camp, and the business was established in its present premises, Mr. A. G. Fulton joining his father as a member of the firm and remaining until the out break of war in 1914.

Mr. G. E. Fulton stared his shooting career in the volunteers in the early 1880's and won the Queen's  Prize in 1888, and the Grand Aggregate in 1890 and the St. George's in 1896 and 1900. Mr. Arthur Fulton as is well known holds the unique distinction of being the only man to win the Sovereign's Prize three times, he has also won the King's Silver Medal three times and holds the record number of King's and Queen's Final Badges. In 1958 Mr. Robin Fulton succeeded in carrying on the family tradition by winning the Queen's Prize. Collectively, the members of this firm have won the no fewer than 5 King's or Queen's Gold Medals, 3 King's Silver Medals, 1 Grand Aggregate Gold Cross and 4 Silver Crosses and the St George's three times. They have won 57 King's or Queen's Final Badges and have represented Great Britain in Empire and Kolapore Matches 37 times and England in National Mackinnon Matches 84 times

Mr. A. G. Fulton was awarded the M.B.E. in the 1959 New Year Honours List for his services to rifle shooting.

These facts are not given in any boastful spirit, but simply to emphasise the fact that the firm and its members can claim a long and not undistinguished association with target rifle shooting and to assure our customers that the reputation so achieved is not likely to be jeopardised by the production of anything but the best rifles and shooting equipment.