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ALECTO.22 Pellet Zoraki HP01(formally Webley Alecto) Target Air Pistol.



.22 Pellet Zoraki (formerly Webley Alecto) Target Air Pistol. Front sight and adjustable U notch rear sight. Has the appearance of the IMI Desert Eagle or its smaller Jericho 941F. Dummy safety levers on either side of the slide act as release catches for the manually operated cocking system. There is a chromium plated trigger and a safety lever in front of it. The cocking lever offers variable power. Once for 3ft/lbs, or twice for 5ft/lbs. This is adequate for most users. Three times takes the power to the maximum 6ft/lbs. The sights are ideal for target use, and there is a picatinny rail if you want to add a red-dot sight or pistol scope. The Alecto has received good reviews for its build quality and suitability for target shooting. £270